RELX Infinity Pods 3 Pack: Garden's Heart (Strawberry Flavour) 35mg/ml

About RELX

RELX are global leaders in providing advanced electronic cigarettes and next generation vaping equipment by using the most modern production techniques. Relx products combine stylish modern designs with cutting edge technology to provide you with the best electronic cigarettes and user experience!

Flavour Profile: Garden's Heart (Strawberry Flavour) - So fresh, it's like it was picked straight from a garden. It all begins with a subtle milky note before the full-bodied flavour of Garden's Heart takes the lead.

Each RELX Pack Contains:

  • 3 x Individually Packaged RELX Pods 
  • 35mg/ml Nicotine By Volume.
  • 1.9ml E-Liquid Per Pod.
  • Approximately 600 Puffs Per Pod.

**RELX Pods are only compatible with the RELX Device**

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.